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The Hague Highlight Bike Tour
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The Hague Highlight Bike Tour

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Child (8-16)

Cycle along the ancient routes of The Hague and discover the highlights of the third largest city in Holland! 

On this tour you will pass through the different neighbourhoods that enrich the city. In each neighbourhood, you’ll hear anecdotes, stories and fun facts about Dutch history. “De chique”, “De Kauwe Kak”, “Volksbuurten” and "Scheveningen” are some of the charming neighbourhoods that you’ll visit. Be inspired by the story of The Orange Family and William I of Orange; also known as the Father of the Fatherland who organised the Dutch revolt against Spanish rule. 

You will not only learn about the past, you will become part of the ‘present Hague’ as you enjoy the music, food and wine of local Hagenaars.

You will have plenty of time to taste the old and recent foods of the city. Taste some 'Haagsch bakkie' and discover the popular 'Schevenings Koo-kie'; delicious dishes from The Hague!

Minimum number of participants: 2.

Duration: 3 hours.

Cycling distance: 12 to 17 km. 
If you book as a group, you can consult with tour guide if you wish to adjust the distance.

Includes: Bicycle, guide, treats, bottled water, coffee or tea and old Schevenings delicacies. 

Start Location: Nobelstraat 2 2513 BD Den Haag